In Nod to Animals, Taylor Swift’s Album ‘1989’ Contains One Song Outside the Range of Human Hearing

By Dahlia Tennyson

Not since the Big Bang gave birth to the universe has an event had as great an impact on the world as the release of Taylor Swift’s new album “1989.” Available for two weeks now, the album—called an “instant cosmic classic” by Hits Magazine—has already become NOT JUST THE BEST-SELLING MUSIC TITLE OF ALL TIME, BUT THE BEST-SELLING PRODUCT OR OBJECT OF ANY KIND, EVER! This includes chewing gum, soap, thread, flour, shoes, bread, meat, and bottled water.

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Street Signs to Warn of People with Emotional and Personality Disorders

By Minnie Dot

Motorists are familiar with the yellow, diamond-shaped signs warning them to proceed with caution on residential streets because of a DEAF CHILD or BLIND CHILD or an AUTISTIC CHILD in the area. As of January 1, similar signs will warn drivers of additional reasons to proceed with caution, following the Department of Transportation’s approval last week of signs warning of people with mental, emotional or personality disorders.

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