GOP Hordes Ransack Coastal Cities as Trump Ushers in New Dark Age: ‘Howling Savages’ Set Fire to Colleges and Libraries, Sparking Exodus of Students and Teachers

A new Dark Age descended over the United States last week as semi-naked hordes of Republican savages raided centers of culture and learning on both the East and West coasts, setting fire to schools and universities, plundering theaters, museums, and libraries, while hunting down and carrying off anyone with a college degree or an active mind.

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New Street Signs to Warn of Deeply Unpleasant, Emotionally Underdeveloped People

Motorists are familiar with the yellow, diamond-shaped signs warning them to proceed with caution on residential streets because of a DEAF CHILD in the area or because there are CHILDREN AT PLAY nearby.

As of January 1, new street signs will alert motorists of additional reasons to proceed with caution, following the Department of Transportation’s approval Friday of signage warning of highly unpleasant, emotionally stunted people. The new road signs include:

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