Treat Guests to a Memorable Thanksgiving Feast: Cold Cereal with Banana Slices and Peanut Butter Toast with Strawberry Jam

By Martha Dollop-Stewart

Not up to cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving this year? Unsure of the difference between stuffing and dressing? Worried that any sweet potatoes you purchase might be GMO-sweetened?

Stop worrying. Let go and let Martha show you how to prepare an elegant yet effortless Thanksgiving feast.

Ceréal de Banána

Start with cold cereal, but be creative and mix it up a bit: combine a flaked cereal with puffed rice or corn. (For the flaked cereal, I like Special K because it seems like a stunted flake, as if it started out thinking it was supposed to be a puffed cereal but then, when it was too late, tried to be a flake and got caught somewhere in between.)

Pour the cereal into your most attractive bowls. (If your bowls are plain and white, decorate them with decals or finger paints. If you don’t have any decals or finger paints, use colored masking tape, preferably a harvest orange or yellow. If you don’t have any colored masking tape but only the typical beige, use crayons to color it orange and yellow. Now make little loops with the tape and stick them to the bowls.)

Add milk to the cereal. Finish by slicing unpeeled bananas onto the mixture. Encourage guests to save the little ring-sized banana peels for use in art or craft projects. They make great napkin holders!

Péanut Buttêr Toãst de Stràwbërry

For this delicacy, it’s best if everyone at the table has his or her own toaster. (If you do not have 15 to 20 toasters, ask guests to bring a toaster from home.) Set the table in the usual way but with a toaster to the left of each plate. Place one slice of bread in each toaster before guests arrive, leaving the bread up and untoasted.

Use an ice-cream scooper to dole out medium-sized dollops of peanut butter onto the plates. (I like to combine smooth and crunchy peanut butter with a pinch of cardamom.) Press a single red M&M into the top of each dollop, making sure the M&M remains visible. Now spoon strawberry jam in heavy dots around the dollop of peanut butter, wiping away any stray spots with an index finger and then licking or sucking the finger clean.

Prepare yourself for kudos and compliments aplenty, and share in the laughter with guests as the toast pops up.