Ants Rebrand Themselves As “Giants of the Earth”

By Mary Bugstock

Saying they are unhappy with how the public perceives them, ants around the world have announced a major rebranding effort aimed at improving and enlarging their image. The global campaign, which kicks off June 1, will feature a new logo and the tagline, “Ants: Giants of the Earth.” 

The new identity celebrates the insect species.

The new identity celebrates the insect species.

“We had outgrown our brand and were no longer telling the story of who we really are,” said Amy Rutherford, a queen ant from an Australian colony of 150,000 workers. “Humans had come to associate us with ant hills in the garden and in sidewalk cracks. We were seen as something to remove and not celebrate.”

Ants were also regarded as tiny—a misperception based on measurements of their physical size as opposed to their material value and spiritual worth, according to Ed Johnson, a red ant from a thriving Miami colony. “The rebranding will reflect our core identity as supreme beings who stride the earth with six legs and build mountains from sand,” he said. “A key message will be that size is not about bodily dimensions but about image and presentation.”

In early July, ants will begin airing TV ads showing themselves as they appear through a magnifying glass, highlighting their complexity and sophistication. In one of the ads, set for release in U.S. markets, the camera will slowly pass over an ant’s three main body parts while a narrator says: “People yak about some highfalutin mind/body problem, but ants can boast of a much more profound head/thorax/abdomen problem.” 

Overall, the campaign underscores who ants are now and where they’re going, not where they’ve been. “Our brand had become so pathetic that people thought nothing of stepping on us or spraying us with poison,” said Rutherford, the queen ant. “This level of disregard told us that our story just wasn’t meaningful anymore.”