Trump-Trump Ticket a Possibility as Trump Considers Picking Himself as His Running Mate

Donald J. Trump on Friday announced that he had emerged as a leading contender on the “short list” of possible running mates in his presidential bid. If Mr. Trump does eventually choose himself for the No. 2 spot, it would mark the first time in American history that a major party ticket consisted of one person.

“I think I’d be an amazing vice president,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, an interview conducted on the condition that Kelly not speak. “I mean that, I really do. And here’s the beauty of a Trump-Trump ticket. As president I would want a vice president who was a lot like me, and when you think about it, who’s more like me than myself? So it’s a no-brainer. It’d be amazing. And if I was my own V.P., my secretary wouldn’t have to waste time setting up meetings between the president and vice president — we’d be the same guy; we’d be together all the time, meeting and talking and making deals with the Chinese.”

Trump declined to name others under consideration to be his running mate, saying only that he would never choose someone like Hillary Clinton.

“If she becomes president,” said Trump, “she’d actually be the vice president — a president with a lot of vices. You want to talk vices? She’s probably got more vices than her husband Bill — I know for a fact she’s had a lot more affairs than he has, and we’re talking with men and women. The whole bag of toys too. Batteries included. Everything! Believe me, you don’t want to know about it.”

“But we don’t need to get personal,” Trump continued. “Hillary says she’s a policy woman so let’s talk policy, even though a woman and policy go together about as well as a frog and pantyhose. No, the fact is I love policy. I love the economy, I really do. But if Hillary were president she’d probably hand over the entire U.S. economy to China and tell them to suck all the money out of the pockets and bank accounts of American workers. You’d have to hide your money beneath a mattress.”

Asked about potential cabinet members in a Trump administration, Trump said he would name a Trump cabinet in the next few weeks. He added only that he favors the idea of limiting the cabinet — and possibly the entire government — to one person.

“Here’s the beauty of a Trump government,” said Trump. “You wouldn’t have to memorize all those names of different branches and departments of government. And you could forget about the nonsense of checks and balances. No one checks Trump, and he’ll never be balanced.”