Panel Recommends Jail Time for Those Who Voted to Re-Elect Bush in 2004

An independent panel created by Congress to assign responsibility for the “catastrophe” of George W. Bush’s presidency (2001 to 2009) has recommended forfeiture of all civil rights and six years of jail time for those who voted in 2004 to elect Bush to a second term. 

The panel’s official report, released Friday, concluded that “the people who voted to re-elect Bush are especially to blame for the foreign policy disasters and idiocies that took place during his two administrations and continue to destabilize the world.”

Among the report’s findings and recommendations:

  • A depressing number of grown-ups voted in 2004 to re-elect a president who any child could see was unfit to lead a Boy Scout troop
  • Americans who repeatedly display gross ignorance in their choice of presidential candidates should be denied the right to vote in national elections
  • The roughly 62 million Americans who voted to elect Bush to a second term must be held accountable for the tragic, ruinous, criminal, and immoral consequences of their vote
  • The nitwits and numbskulls who voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004 are complicit in both the disaster of the Iraq war and a bungled U.S.-led occupation that together resulted in the deaths of an estimated 200,000 people, stoked chaos and violence around the globe, and led directly to the formation of the terrorist group ISIS
  • Rather than rave or seethe over the findings of this report, the people who voted for Bush should, while in prison, pray to their God and seek forgiveness for the calamity and woe they brought upon the world