Apple Acknowledges Lowercase ‘i’ in iPhone and Other Devices Was Mistake by Copy Editor in 1998

The iconic lowercase “i” in iPhone and in the names of other Apple products, including iPod and iPad, was an unfortunate mistake made by an unsupervised copy editor working on the iMac release in 1998, according to company officials, who noted that the mistake has now been corrected, 18 years later.

The embarrassing admission was first made on Wednesday by Timothy Cook, Apple’s chief executive, during the unveiling of the Iphone 7 and 7 Plus in San Francisco. 

“The lead-up to the introduction of the Imac was a crazy time,” said Cook. “Everybody was so focused on design and engineering issues that no one thought to check on the work of the guy who was copyediting the product name. And then, with all the excitement following the launch, no one even noticed the small “i” and capital “M” in iMac — and somehow the same mistake just kept on repeating itself over and over, through a series of products, for 18 years. Until a marketing intern called attention to it a few weeks ago.”

At this week’s product showcase event, Cook beamed while touting the upgrades to the lettering in the names of the Iphone 7 and 7 Plus.

“We have something special to show you,” he said. “Here it is now, you can see it projected on the giant screen — the big letter ‘I’ in Iphone. That’s right, after all those years on its knees, that pathetic little ‘i’ finally grows some balls, pulls up its pants, and stands up like a man. Who knew the little wiener had it in him?”