Trump Failed to Disclose Sleepovers at Kremlin with Putin

In late 2015 and through much of 2016, while still a candidate for president, Donald Trump appeared more than 20 times at the front gate of the Kremlin, wearing a school backpack filled with toothbrush, pajamas, picture book, and Steve Bannon doll. On these occasions, Russian President Vladimir Putin would personally open the big gate for Mr. Trump and lead him to the carpeted recreation room where the two men would eat popcorn and play board games long into the night.

American and British intelligence services both have confirmed that the sleepovers took place, citing incontrovertible evidence which they’ve provided to White House officials and a select group of senators. Yet President Trump, in a Twitter post early Wednesday morning, steadfastly denied that he ever “slept” over at the Kremlin, claiming he “never actually fell asleep” when staying there.

“So it’s not true to call them sleepovers when in fact they were really stay-awake-overs,” Mr. Trump tweeted.

It’s a distinction that members of the Senate Intelligence Committee say is not only meaningless but also “flaky and moronic.” They note that when Mr. Trump became president he was required by law to disclose any such stay-overs with foreign leaders, regardless of whether he slept or remained awake through the night.

“And, as a matter of fact, we have proof that Trump did indeed fall asleep at the Kremlin,” said a key Republican senator, who asked that his name be withheld so as to spare him from a “storm of profoundly stupid and cringe-worthy tweets” by the president. 

“Surveillance video,” said the senator, “shows that during one of the sleepovers Trump slept so deeply that Putin was able to slip a Russian microchip into the future American president's left ear. Since then Putin has had control over Trump's brain and is now directing it to make fools of both Trump and the American people, while undermining and sabotaging the United States.”